Goruli mtsvane 2020 - Tevza

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Goruli mtsvane 2020 - Tevza

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The wine is made from 90% Goruli Mtsvane and 10% Pinot Blanc grapes grown in Kartli region, Village Vaziani and Zemo Sobisi, 38 Year old vineyard that is treated only manually.

Grapes are handpicked in its optimal conditions of ripeness and is directly crushed in to 1,200L to 1400L Qvevris. Wild fermentation starts at the natural temperature. Naturally started fermentation stops when wine is dry, which is followed with natural MLF fermentation. Maceration and skin contact lasts between 3 to 4 months.

Early spring macerated wines are taken of their bottoms, which contain: Yeast lees, skins, seeds and sometimes stems. Then wines are transferred back to Qvevri or other containers for further clarification and style formation. Bottling is conducted under the highest standards.

Tevza Goruli Mtsvane is best drunk from its crushing 1, 5 years. Meanwhile it has great potential to age as well.

Goga Tevzadze established his traditional micro-winery at his home in Mtskheta in 2018. A founder of the small craft distillery “Riravo," which produces high-quality fruit brandies, he eventually left to pursue his love of winemaking. Tevza is focused on producing lively, natural, and highly expressive wines from the distinctive varietals of Kartli, sharing the region's native wine traditions with the world.

The Color is amber with honey hues. Aroma of pine tree blossom, balancing honey overtones. Very well-expressed, rich and harmonious body with strong, but tannic structure, dried apricots so lavishly coupled with back tones of mature dried orange. Plentiful taste is long and dry with memorable sensation.

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Kategorie: Qvevri oranžová vína
Alkohol: 13 %
Druh vína: Suché
Objem: 0,75l
Ročník: 2020
Země/region: Gruzie, Kartli