Tsolikouri 2021 - Royal Kchvanchkara

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Tsolikouri 2021 - Royal Kchvanchkara

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Tsolikouri 100%. Tasting notes: Vibrant color with golden green tingle. Superb herbaceous and floral aromas coupled with white
Gooseberries. Fresh, fruity front. Live and refreshing acidity throughout the entire body. Good length with dry, clean and mineral finish. 

Royal Khvanchkara is a company that is created based on winery traditions of Racha region and continues to use the unique technology of wine-making created by Georgian people in the ancient past.The Racha region is distinguished with unique vineyards and rich, interesting wine. There are 59 species of vine on Racha-Lechkhumi territory.

Royal Khvanchkara vineyards are in Racha Region, in ideal soil-climate conditions on the right bank of the Rioni River, at the altitude of 780-800 meter. Ancient local species such as Aleksandrouli, Mujuretuli, Dzelshavi, Saperavi, Rachuli Mtsvane and Tetra grow here. It is noteworthy that along with traditional semi-sweet wines, the company pays special attention to the production of high-quality dry wines.

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Kategorie: Bílá vína
Alkohol: 13 %
Druh vína: Suché
Objem: 0,75l
Ročník: 2021
Země/region: Gruzie, Racha