Mukhamtsvane 2021 - Kapistoni

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Kód: 368
Mukhamtsvane 2021 - Kapistoni
AFL 0054

Detailní popis produktu

100% Mukhamtsvane. Grapes are harvested in the Kareli Region, Central Kartli, Georgia. After alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, the wine continues to mature in the Qvevri for 6 additional months. A natural filtration process is manually conducted four times to separate skins and residue during this 6 months period. Each time, the wine is placed into a different Qvevri to continue fermenting. 

Bouquet: Mukhamtsvane has multi layered aromas of ripe apple, ripe pair, white and yellow plum, grated orange peels. Secondary layers of fresh walnuts, vanilla oak and honey are accompanied by fruity and floral aromas.

Palate: This wine has a fruity and floral dry tannin structure with long lasting natural aftertastes.  Present in the palate are notes of walnuts, vanilla oak and summer fruit which combine to produce an exquisite fruity and floral dry tannin structure with long-lasting finish.

Food Pairing: Mukhamtsvane pairs well with green salads, roasted duck and geese, veal, roasted pork, and aged cheeses.


Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Qvevri oranžová vína
Alkohol: 12,5 %
Druh vína: Suché
Objem: 0,75l
Ročník: 2021
Země/region: Gruzie, Kartli