Mujuretuli 2021 - Tavankari

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Mujuretuli 2021 - Tavankari

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Mujuretuli is a variety of red grape that is mostly found in the smallest micro-viticulture Racha region of Georgia. A dark ruby colored wine with a lovely berry, ripe black plum and cherry aromas. Silky and Velvety on the lounge this wine has a burst of fresh red berry fruits, of wild raspberry, pomegranate and strawberry and some sweetness balanced with acidity and a touch of tannin. Grapes grown and harvested exclusively by hand. Serve as aperitif, with fruits and desserts.

"Tavankari" wine producing company was established in year 2015, relatively young but counts decades of family wine making tradition. Roots go as far to the third generation of wine making experience and is inspired by the tradition of family winemaking history. Company name was exceptionally chosen to revive those ancient traditions into comtemporary winemaking..: “Tavankari” is an ancient word for a rare, pure, most authentic and top quality wine in Georgia. Today Tavankari wine is family owned (small) company that produces premium quality red and white wines as: Mukuzani, Tsinandali, Kisi, and Mtsvane, by using primerly unique traditional Kakhetian winemaking technique, as well as wines where European classic technique is employed. Company also produces limited amount of unique Qvevri wine (the vintage is harvested and delivered for processing to a special room called a marani (winery), where grapes juice is added to huge clay amphora called a Qvevri for fermentation.

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Kategorie: Červená vína
Alkohol: 14%
Druh vína: Suché
Objem: 0,75l
Ročník: 2021
Země/region: Gruzie, Racha