Chardonnay - Sauvignon 2021 - Wine People

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Chardonnay - Sauvignon 2021 - Wine People
AFL 0062

Detailní popis produktu

This amber color wine is a blend of Chardonnay (40%), Sauvi[1]gnon (40%), Muscat, Ottonel and Aromatico grapes. It is made in qvevri by Lado Naveriani. A young winemaker returned to family tradition of winemaking and in 2021 fermented his very first wine in old German type cellar. Promoting this wine will help him to grow and develop more varieties. This outstanding wine with aromas of rose, ripe and tropical fruits pairs well with poultry, seafood, pasta dishes and cheese. Available bottles: 474

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Kategorie: Qvevri oranžová vína
Druh vína: Suché
Objem: 0,75l
Ročník: 2021
Země/region: Gruzie, Kakheti