Aleksandrouli-Mujuretuli 2021 - Ambra

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Aleksandrouli-Mujuretuli 2021 - Ambra
1 hodnocení

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Red, dry Qvevri wine "Aleksandrouli - Mujuretuli" is made from Aleksandrouli And Mujuretuli grape varieties grown in RACHA, in the village of BUGEULI In Khvanchkara microzone. It is characterized by a dark purple tint and Has a well-developed varietal aroma with a velvety tone of cherry and raspberry. Micro-zone: Viticulture "Khvanchkara" micro-zone is located in Racha, Ambrolauri district. The vineyard is located at an altitude of 300-600 Meters above sea level. The microzone is spread over 1500 areas Hectare. Agro-climatic indicators are: amount of heat, moderate Summer temperature intensity due to slopes and impact River Rioni on moderate humidity, as elsewhere Soils enriched with minerals of clay and limestone. Enjoy at a temperature of 11-13 C.

Winery "Ambra" is located in Racha, in the village of Bugeuli, in the micro zone of Khvanchkara, on the left bank of the river Rioni, 450 meters above sea level. The winery owns 2 hectares of vineyards, where Rachuli endemic varieties are extinct, the vineyards are divided into terroir (7 terroir. "Gaghma Vineyards", "Eraseuli", "Akhalsheni pherdi", "Shuros gadagma", "Maiaseuli", "Karloseuli" and "Yard vineyard"). Each terroir is distinguished by different characteristics which give us the highest quality raw materials. The winery produces both classic and traditional Qvevri (Churi) wines.

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Kategorie: Qvevri červená vína
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Ročník: 2021
Země/region: Gruzie, Racha